Trying to make Peace Between…

Hi friends!!
Good morning to all of you,  it’s 8:45 am,  Sunday,  I am eagerly awaiting tv broadcast at 9:00 am to see  how do Indian cricket bounce back in the second test match after losing the first one.. Meanwhile let me share some deep rooted dilemma I am grappling with for some time now..
Here is the dilemma :
There is a clear understanding ( no contradiction whatsoever and which is rare) among the spiritual thinkers,  practitioners and gurus on transcending the mind to attain consistent,  everlasting state of equanimity and inner harmony… Which can be defined as ” happiness “…
On the other hand if you understand the teachings of self help gurus( we include motivational speakers,  life style gurus,  personality development mentors)  they are equivocal on using mind as the tool to attain greater levels of oneself.  Here’s the confusion!!!!!
On one hand – get over and beyond the mind to achieve true happiness and
On the other – get involved with and in mind to attain happiness

I hope you get these two opposing ( may be they are not and I do not have yet reconciled it within me)  perspectives and understand where I am coming from.!!! 
Please respond if you wish to empathise,  criticise,  give alternate perspective,  or help me reconcile…

Lovingly for you,


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